Goat Lake

Per a fellow blogger’s suggestion (http://www.trailsnail.com/), I grabbed a couple of my girlfriends and  headed Northeast for Goat Lake. After the horrifying experience with Lake Serene, I definitely wanted something easier, so 10 miles with 1400 ft elevation seemed like just that.


The hike started off at a nice, light and steady incline up the mountain. Lots of beautiful growth, and these gorgeous white trees. Looking down the path was just memorizing.


We took the upper trail on the way up, so we saw this pretty waterfall along the way and crossed a few streams.


There weren’t a lot of beautiful views on the way up, but the ones that popped through now and again were stunning.


Another small waterfall and time for a picture break.


Sunlight through the trees is always spectacular to me. We were all feeling really good about this hike until the last 1/2 mile became an intense climb up to the lake. That made us bitter, but it proved to be worth it.




The view was so spectacular and I would argue more serene than Lake Serene (maybe I’m still a tad bitter?). We enjoyed lunch on a fallen tree, and then meandered over to the hundreds of trees laying at the edge of the lake. Basically, we scrambled up on a log and hopped from log to log until we were in the middle and took a perch for a bit before heading back down.


I want to take this moment to praise my beautiful girl as she did this whole hike off-leash and behaved so well the entire 10 miles. We hit the trail late in the day so we ran into just a handful of people on the way up and absolutely no one on the way down, so I was happy I could let her just be free to explore on her own terms while remaining close to us.


I didn’t feel like going as far out on the logs as the gals, so this is as close to a group shot as I got. 🙂


Since my hiking buddy for Lake Serene had a picture “holding back” a fallen tree from the trail, I decided I should show off my strength as well. But obviously, I just need one arm because I am uber strong!


“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” One of BFF and I’s favorite movies is Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and if you’ve seen it, you’ll remember the scene were Jason Segel quotes that line. It’s hysterical, and we quote it whenever we can. This large branch on our way down made this moment possible.

Now, on our way down, we were beat, depleted of energy and sanity, so we decided to try taking the lower trail on the way back to try and shave off a bit of distance. While it ended up being a good decision, there were moments along that trail where hysterical laughter just erupted because of what we were saying, thinking, doing. It was a ridiculous hike.


But, at the end of our hike, we still kept our tradition of stopping for Mexican food, so here they are, a little worse for wear, but still in tact. They’re going to be sore tomorrow, but I’ve told them that in a week, they’ll look back on the hike with fondness.


The gals weren’t the only ones tired at the end of this hike. As soon as Ginger had her dinner, she went straight to bed and it took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to move out of my spot so that I could go to bed.

All in all, I really liked this hike! Great suggestion, Ingunn! The swift incline at the end threw me off, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the others I’ve done. And, to date, this is now the longest hike I’ve conquered, so I’m pretty excited about that!! And now….SLEEEEEEEEP!!!

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