I know, I know…

I still owe you a post on NYC, and I promise that I have the draft going, it’s just taking awhile to get all my thoughts together along with pics. It’ll show up eventually!

But in the meantime, Here are some fun and random things that have been going on:


I’m considering getting new glasses (I only use them when I read or work on the computer generally) and since my friend was getting new glasses, I took the opportunity to try a few pairs on. I REALLY liked these the best. What do you think??


I happened to stumble upon this sign walking back to my office on lunch, and couldn’t help but take a picture as it’s a perfect motto for my life. I remember when I first started drinking wine, and the cheapest bottle was what I would always reach for. These days, it’s all about quality over quantity. 🙂


Friday was a beautiful day, so after work and before salsa dancing, I found time to take Ginger to the dog park. This picture embodies a VERY happy pup post-park, post-constant running. It was a great day for her!


My friend and I decided to go salsa dancing Friday night so she could learn some moves and I could practice everything I’ve been learning in my class. I cannot begin to express how much fun we had!! I danced with 4 or 5 men in all areas of dance (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Cumbia) and each one of them were great! I learned so much and was able to hold my own through turns and moves that I haven’t learned yet, mostly because I had the basics under control and have learned to LET THE LEAD LEAD. That has always been challenging for me, but now, I’ve learned to put my trust in whoever is leading me on the dance floor and it has made a huge difference in how I dance. I’m so happy I took a chance and took the class. I hope we go again soon!!


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