Frisbee and Bocce and Tennis, oh my!

This week has been all about sports! I hung out with friends on Monday and we played Frisbee and Bocce Ball. A couple of them slack-lined, and then we spent some time lying in the shade and chatting. Tuesday, BFF and I played tennis for 45 minutes, and tonight four of us got together to practice our mad Frisbee skills. I have had the best week!

I love sports. I’ve loved sports for a long time. I know that sports are the best way for me to work out because it’s something I truly enjoy. It is 8,000 times better than going to a gym. So, in my new quest to really get my life in shape, I am trying to pack my weeks full of sports so that while I’m getting healthy, I’m also having a ton of fun.

So far, I have tennis planned for every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with the BFF. I’ve also now added Ultimate Frisbee to Wednesday evenings and I may begin training for a 5k on Mondays and Fridays. All that in addition to a 5-10 mile hike over the weekend, and I think I have a pretty great summer workout regimen planned! The only thing I’m missing is strength training, so I may have to slot that in somewhere. However, I’m super excited!!

On a separate note, Solstice is this weekend which means it’s Fremont Fair time!!!! One of my favorite days in Seattle is coming and I’m over the moon excited. I have a great party planned, and looking forward to having a bunch of people crammed in my apartment having a great time. It’s going to be legend-waitforit-DARY!


2 thoughts on “Frisbee and Bocce and Tennis, oh my!

  1. I love running! I run anywhere from 10 to 15 miles a week. I think its awesome playing sports, it really does make exercise better! I go to a park here and hike anytime I can on Saturday or Sunday. If you come to visit, You and I will have to go! 🙂

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