Solstice and the worst 20 minutes of my life

This past weekend was the Solstice celebration in my neighborhood and it’s something I look forward to every year. This year, the parade was pushed back 4 hours leaving a lot of time for a pre-party at my place. I had 15-20 people at my place for brunch and games, and it was an amazing time. I love hosting people at my house, making sure everyone’s having a good time. And everyone WAS having a good time until…..Ginger escaped.

I had gone to answer the door to new arrivals, and honestly, it was such a blur that I don’t remember how it happened, but out of nowhere, she was outside in the parking lot of my apartment building. Once she was out, she smelled that freedom and took off down the roads of my neighborhood. With several of us running after her, she continued her freedom run and out maneuvered us several times. I was running barefoot on the pavement (ouch), until one of my friends pulled her sandals off and got them on my feet as I was running by. The worst moment was when Ginger darted into the busy main road next to my building, three lanes of 40 mph cars. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and had to turn away. Eventually she ran back in the direction of the neighborhood and somehow one of the guys was able to grab her and walked her back home.

Ugh. It was awful and I spent a good 15 minutes sobbing in my room after she was home safe and sound. Not only was I scared beyond my mind, but I just felt like the worst dog-mama ever. How could I let her escape? How could I not be paying better attention? How could I not get her to come back to me? I know she was just having fun in her own way, trying to play, but it was terrifying. I am most definitely thankful that I take all other precautions though (tags, microchip, etc.) so that if she hadn’t come back, anyone who found her would know that she is mine.

So, the good news is that she is back home, safe and sound with me. But the bad news is that she ran so hard for so long that she busted up her paw pads pretty badly on 3 out of 4 paws, so she’s limping pretty good. She spent all of yesterday on the couch napping, and I’m carrying her up and down the stairs when we go out to potty. She has coverings on her feet, but it takes me watching her constantly to make sure she doesn’t bite at them. Being at work today is killing me because all I want to do is be home and making sure that she’s OK.

I’ll tell you one thing, this weekend made me miss having a dog-savvy boyfriend really bad. Having someone who understands your love and commitment to your pup is so special, along with them knowing the best way to take care of them so that when you’re freaking out, they can just handle it. Yeah, dog-savvy…..a requirement in the next guy I date.


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