4th of July

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Odd, isn’t it? Most people say Thanksgiving or Christmas, but since I was a little girl, I have ALWAYS loved the 4th of July. It’s the fireworks. Call me a hopeless romantic but I just loooooove them.

This year, I headed over to some friends’ house for a BBQ and lots of laughs.


The lady of the house made these “berry” lovely kabobs (see what I did there??) in patriotic colors. YUM-O!


This girl is how I get through my days at work. 🙂


And this guy….do I even need to comment? PS: he’s the one who was able to capture Ginger for me on Solstice, so I call him my hero. 🙂


Our cooks and the lovely couple!


New friends who want to go salsa dancing with me!!


The Seattle skyline from the top of Gasworks Park before the fireworks started.




Beautiful….and my heart soared.

Some 4th of July, I hope to have a man standing next to me holding my hand and kissing me under the colorful fireworks. Until then, I’ll just let my little heart enjoy them solo.

Hope everyone had a great and safe 4th!


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