Rattlesnake Ledge (Version 2.0)

Yesterday, I did a pretty intense workout in the morning which meant the rest of the day I just puttered around the house and took it a little easy. By the afternoon, I was bored and texted a friend to hang out. She came over and we had Mojitos on the deck with some snacks, then I grilled dinner for us and we watched American Ninja Warrior. (I confess…they’re all just so pretty!) By the way, I finally tried my hand at grilling corn on the cob and now I don’t think I can ever go back to boiling it on the stove. During hanging out, she asked when I was going to go hiking next and I said probably next weekend since my legs were already sore. But, in the course of our conversation, I decided that we should hit Rattlesnake Ledge today since it’s a short hike with beautiful views. And so we did!

I’m not generally a fan of doing a hike for a second time. I just don’t find it rewarding since I don’t time myself, but since Jen hadn’t done this hike before, and I wanted to get another workout in (and Ginger needed some exercise), I decided what the hell.

I was surprised that it was still a tough hike to do. Looking at the stats, I figured I would practically jog up it considering the last two hikes I’ve done, but alas, I was still my pokey self. Part of it though was due to the trail being so crowded that I found myself pulling over and letting people pass a lot. But I also stopped a lot to catch my breath. I’m definitely not a hiker who pushes myself to the max on a hike. I really enjoy just taking my time and taking in my surroundings. Because of that, sometimes I miss hiking alone, there’s just no pressure on you to keep up with anyone or feel like they’re waiting on you and no guilt at not being able to move as fast. I definitely do enjoy going with people, but I think I need to just take a couple hikes for myself once in awhile.


The view at the top was as beautiful as I remembered and just as scary looking over the ledge.


Due to the high number of people on the trail, I kept Ginger leashed the whole way up and most of the way down. She had a few minutes of freedom, but not as much as she wanted and deserved.




The best part of this hike is that right when you get a little irritated with it, you find yourself at the top! Overall, a great decision for a Sunday afternoon. It was good to stretch out my leg muscles….though I don’t think they’re going to be too happy with me tomorrow. 🙂

One thought on “Rattlesnake Ledge (Version 2.0)

  1. I ran 5 miles on sunday and I’m not going to lie… my body was not so happy with it on monday! I kept on with my running pattern the next day. Sometimes you just push through it. You’re doing so good becs! I love all your hiking adventures!

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