Why I hate gyms

Going to the gym for me is intimidating. All the people there are already in good shape, they know how to use the machines, and it feels like everyone’s watching me. Then of course there are the personal trainers. Ugh. They’re all just so UN-approachable. WTF? Isn’t their job based in customer service? Shouldn’t they be THE most approachable people in the gym? Shouldn’t they genuinely want to help the people who need it most? Every gym I’ve been to feels like a club where only the elite can belong and I am always left standing outside looking in, wishing that someone would believe in me.

When I tried CrossFit last year, I really was hoping that it would be the environment I was looking for: a great workout with an even greater community and trainers who would come along side of me and believe in me. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get that, so I quit. I quit because I was frustrated. I was frustrated with my lack of strength and ability to keep up and I was frustrated with the trainers. I let my feelings of defeat win.

I think the reason I love hiking so much is because there’s a sense of community out there in the middle of nowhere. You know where you’re going, what you’re working towards, and everybody’s on the same trip to get there. People greet each other on the trail and share stories of things ahead, or encouraging words (“You’re almost there!”). But, hiking once a week isn’t enough exercise for me. So, I began looking for another alternative and found that another CF gym had moved into my neighborhood last month.
I checked out a couple classes and wrote my check for the remainder of the month.

So, here I go again down the CF journey, but this time I went ahead and canceled my other gym membership so that I won’t have anything else to fall back on. I want to stick with this and I feel like the trainers and members at this CF gym are more in line with what I’m looking for. I hope that I can stick with this longer than 2 1/2 months and really see some improvements with myself.



3 thoughts on “Why I hate gyms

  1. Good luck! My two cents, if you’re interested, tell the trainers what you are looking for and hope for from them. The coach I worked with during on ramp told me right away that he wasn’t my guy, it just wasn’t his personality, but introduced me to a coach who TOTALLY is. On the days I don’t want to get out of bed, sometimes it’s knowing that I might let my coach down that motivates me. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read about the journey.

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