WOD 7/24

You know, I realize my blog is an eclectic blend of my life and now I’m going to start throwing in posts about my workouts, so sorry if they bore you! None of my current friends CrossFit, so I don’t really get to share my experiences with them so I have to get it out somewhere! 🙂

20 mins:
Seated KB Press 6R/L
Back Squat @ 50X0 – 4 reps; add wt. each set
For time:
50 push press (44K/29K) (scale blank bar)
50 Chin Ups (scale: ring row)
50 burpees (scale: up-downs)
50 cal. row

Apparently, if you were doing the scaled versions, you only needed to do 25-30 reps, but somehow I missed that and did all 50. Oh well, more calories burned for me! Time: 19:02

My shoulders and neck are definitely sore this morning, but I’m planning on hitting tonight’s WOD as well to try and prevent them from becoming even more sore.

I’ve been really erring on the side of less weight with my lifts to make sure I have proper form, but I think I need to start adding some more weight as the push presses were fairly easy for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was tired by the 50th one, but I think if I had added 10 pounds, it would have been a better workout for me. Sometimes, I forget that we have the smaller weights, so I just go with a blank bar because the 10lb weights would be too significant a jump for me. I think I’ll check with my trainer tonight about that. 🙂

All in all, I’m feeling really happy about this gym, the trainers and myself for going. In fact, I actually look forward to going! I can’t wait to see myself get stronger and stronger! The more I think about my health goals, the more I realize that I don’t just want to be a “skinny girl”, but I want to be a STRONG girl. I don’t care as much anymore about what my weight will be, as much as how I look, how I feel, how my clothes fit, and how much I can do!

I’m leaving you with a quote I read today that I just love: “Don’t edit the stories you’re telling, edit the life you’re living.”



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