WOD 7/25

We’ve had a pretty warm July for Seattle with temperatures in the high 70’s and 80’s for the past few weeks. I would be lying if I said I loved the constant sunshine and didn’t miss the rain. That is why I am a perfect candidate to live in this beautiful city. At any rate, yesterday was no exception with the temperature hitting 84 degrees by the time I was off of work.

I had promised to take Ginger to the dog park yesterday, so I set off with her in tow to Magnusson so that she could jump in the lake to cool off. Traffic was a beast and by the time we got there, walked to the water and played, we were already nearing 5:45pm. I woke up in the morning determined to make it to CrossFit for the 6:30pm class, but all of a sudden the heat and drive back had me trying to weasel out of it.

I finally told myself that if I made it back to my apartment with enough time to drop Ginger off and head over to the box, then I would go. If I ran late, I wouldn’t sweat it (hehe, pun intended). I arrived at my house at 6:15pm. *sigh* So, off I went and of course afterwards, I was so proud of myself for going and felt so much better. I even had time to run a couple errands after the workout, eat dinner and clean my kitchen. I love being productive!

For time:
100 DU
10 Power Cleans – 55K/35K
2 rope climbs
75 DU
8 PC
2 ropes
50 DU
6 PC
2 ropes
25 DU
4 PC
2 ropes

Pursuit Scale:
PC @ 40K/20K
Rope Climb: 30 jumping pull-ups for each set of 2 RC
DU: 4 min Row, 3 min row, 2 min row, 1 min row

Obviously, I did the Pursuit scale and let me tell you, those jumping pull-up things are no joke! Especially because I have next to zero upper-body strength (something I’m really hoping to change in the next few months). Add the heat to this workout and I was one sweaty, dehydrated mess by the time I called “time”. And sadly, I didn’t even look at the clock so I don’t even know when I stopped! I’m thinking 18 or 19 minutes though.


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