WOD 7/27

I took Friday off to enjoy a happy hour with friends, but was back at the box early this morning.

Pursuit & Performance:
5 Rounds
Run 350 M
12 Push Press (40K/24K)
24 AB Mat Butterfly Sit ups

Nice and simple for a Saturday morning, but still had me sweating and panting as much as every other workout we’ve done this week.

I’m happy to report that I am now putting weight on my bars for lifting and that makes me happy. I was focused so much on technique that I didn’t want to add weight before I was ready, but I am now and it feels great!

I forgot to look at the clock (again) when I finished, but I’m pretty sure I was somewhere around 20 minutes. Those butterfly situps really slowed me down. :-/

However, I finished without cutting anything short and I had a couple of the gals cheering me on for my last round of push presses and situps and it totally kept me motivated to finish. Today’s workout gives me my 4th workout of the week and therefore marks the most times I’ve done a CrossFit workout in a week! Hooray! I’m hoping to build up to 5 eventually, but all in good time. If I can stay with 4 consistently, I will be a very happy girl.


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