Congratulations, you’re an asshole

Some people really drive me crazy. Some people just piss me the eff off. When people make negative comments to me about joining CrossFit, I really just want to punch them in their balls and then laugh. But I don’t because violence is not the answer (or so I’ve been told).

At any rate, I think the reason that it really bothers me is they’re making a judgement on something they’ve never tried and about a decision that I’ve made which hurts me. I mean, who wants to feel unsupported by the people in your life? The worst is when those comments come from people who have never struggled with their weight before, have never felt those horrifying feelings of insecurity because of what you look like, or battled any type of food addiction/issue. How can they stand there and have the audacity to speak with authority to subjects that they have no business even commenting on?! I joined CrossFit because I felt like it was the best decision for me and I don’t expect everyone I know to also join, but I do expect them to respect my choice and support me in it.

I was happy to see this blog post floating around Facebook today and found it to be the perfect time to share my thoughts with my FB friends so that the ones who have hurt me with their words would know, and the people who haven’t said anything would know to keep their mouths shut. I really think Max did an excellent job summarizing what CrossFit is and is not and making it clear that it doesn’t have to be for everyone, but if it’s for some people, then support them.


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