WOD 8/6

Monday ended up being a ridiculously hot day, so when it came close to CrossFit time, it didn’t take much to talk me out of it. I make stupid decisions sometimes, but oh well. At least I made it on Tuesday!

Pursuit: 15 mins
A1)1A KB Swing sets – 45s/arm; switch and go straight into opp. arm
A2) Wall Facing Banded Air Squats – 8-12 reps
A3) Floor Plank Holds – 60s
*rest as needed

10 Min AMR:
6 – HPC (50K/29K) ((Pursuit: free choice on wt.))
4 – Front Squat
2 – Push Press
*Every 2 minutes – 10 burpees/Updowns

So, I was actually pretty excited about this workout, until I got to that first set up updowns and realized it was going to take me nearly two minutes to complete 10, making my entire workout 99% updowns. So frustrating! I just want to be stronger, faster, and fitter now! I ended up with 3 full rounds and 1 straggling HPC.

I had the lowest score on the board for the day, but I kept my head up because I showed up and finished and that’s all I can keep asking of myself.


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