WOD 8/8

After the workout from 8/7, I was super sore in my shoulders, so I decided to book myself a massage for after work yesterday. It was beautiful pain. šŸ™‚ But then, I was left trying to determine if I was going to try and workout, or I was going to take a rest day. After 20 minutes of attempting to talk myself into being lazy, I put on my workout gear and walked out the door. Score one for the healthy part of me!

It was a tough workout (aren’t they all?) but I’m glad I went and I feel much happier knowing I really earned my rest day today. I met another trainer last night, so I think I’ve finally met all of them now. SO MANY! And I love them all.

A) TGU Work ā€“ 10R/10L ā€“ For time; heaviest KB possible

For Time:
350 M Run
30 BIG Box Jumps (32ā€³/28ā€³) (I used the smallest box I could find…maybe 6 inches or so?)
30 WallBall
350 M Run
15 BIG Box Jumps
15 WB
350 M Run

As a final thought, this morning as I was getting ready for work, I noticed that an area where I have been flabby for awhile now is much tighter, meaning that I’m burning fat and gaining muscle!!! HOORAY! I think I mentioned before that through this process I’m not taking measurements or weighing myself because I tend to find that it discourages me more than anything else, so I’m just solely focusing on how I feel and how my clothes are fitting. I’ve been feeling really good about the whole process, but this was my first tangible change I’ve seen and it makes me even more happy!

One thought on “WOD 8/8

  1. Oh girl!!! This the the fun part! It took me a while to get there, where i cared more about working out/ being healthy than losing weight! Your doing so well girl! You will have more days of not wanting to go to the gym. On those days i just put on my cloths and go before i talk myself out! Love hearing your stories! It’s encouraging to me!

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