WOD 8/12

I learned something valuable about my snatch (hehe) last night: WIDE GRIP! My hands were way too close together for a proper snatch, so when I widened my arms out, it made the whole experience much better. However, those OHS will need some work as I was pretty wobbly with them.

Pursuit & Performance: 15 mins
Snatch Complex:
A1)1Snatch Pull + 1 Pwr Sn + 1hng sq. Sn
Pursuit: 3 hpsn + 3 OHS
A2) Dips; Ring or Static; Wt. or Unwt. (Pursuit – Jump to Ext Hold to SLOW Negative dip.
EMOTM: 12 mins
6 Front Squat (60K/45K) ((pursuit: 40K/24K))
12 – Pull Up (Ring Rows if using thicker than 1” band)

The next three days will be testing in the gym to find out various max weights. I’m nervous but excited at the same time. It will give me a nice starting point.


Post-dog park on Sunday…so happy….so tired. πŸ˜‰


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