WOD 8/13 – Fitness Test #1

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of flying on cloud 9 tonight. I decided to do the fitness test tonight instead of the regular WOD and I’m so glad I did.

We did a standard warm up, plus 3 sets of 3 back squats at 70% of our max. Since I don’t currently have a max, I went with 35 kg.

Pursuit & Performance:
15 minutes from Warm up – Find Clean and Jerk MAX (can have 3 attempts at a weight)

I started with 20kg, then moved to 24kg, 33kg, 35kg, 39kg and I attempted 41kg three times without success. I just could not get it high enough to get my arms under. It was a bummer, but I’m happy with my 39kg as a starting max. It was much heavier than what I expected!

As a follow-up, I have decided to go forward with the Whole30. I will be starting on Thursday, the 15th. I had a burger tonight to celebrate. 🙂


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