WOD 8/16 & Whole30 Day 2

I can’t believe I made it to the gym today. Go me! My 4 workouts for the week are now complete.

Pursuit & Performance:

Partner WOD:
20 mins:
P1 – 30 Cal Row ((timer))
P2 – As Many Reps as Possible: Shoulder to OH (60K/40K)
*Score = total S2OH’s between P1 & P2

Between my partner and I, we nailed 167 lifts. Woo hoo! I felt so proud of that number, even though we had light weight on the bar, we still worked hard.

Day 2 of Whole30 has been relatively smooth. I had a craving for a cookie for most of the afternoon, but other than that, no issues. I had the same thing for breakfast and lunch, except I added a salad today and a hard-boiled egg. Dinner was also the same but with an added tuna/avocado/egg/pickle mixture. I know, kinda sounds weird (and looked rather disgusting), but tasted pretty good and was nice and filling. I’m also getting used to unsweetened tea and black coffee.

I think the weekend will be the toughest since that’s generally my socializing time, but hopefully I can keep it together.  🙂

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