WOD 8/18 & Whole30 Day 4

Yes, it’s true my friends, I made it to the box for a 5th (YES, FIFTH!) time this week. GROWTH! When I looked at the WOD online, I thought “heck yeah, I can totally do that”. Stupid me, of course I underestimated the intensity of the workout, but that is A-OK because I finished and felt energized the rest of the day!

Pursuit & Performance:
5 Rounds
10- Power Cleans (50K/29K) (HPC for pursuit)
15- Box Jumps (20”)
20- KBS (1.5pd/1pd)
40 DU ((if no DU; 40s air dyne))

One other bragging right I have is that I threw 4.5kg weights on my bar instead of my standard 2.5kg. MORE GROWTH! And I used the heavier KB, but I don’t know what the weight is….26lbs maybe? 24? Who knows. I’ll look next time I’m there.

Ok, so on to Whole30. Today was a great day! No issues whatsoever. I woke up, had some cantaloupe before my workout, then made a late brunch for my friend and I. It was basically the same brunch I had yesterday. For dinner though, I branched out! I made a Sweet Potato Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken and Mushrooms.


SUPER yummy!! I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like the real thing, but it’s close enough to do the job.

With all the time I’m not spending going out, I guess I’m at least putting it to good use in my kitchen. I don’t think I’ve used my dishwasher this much in a few months! It’s kind of nice to be back to a routine. I seem to always operate better on one.


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