The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7

Well, I started Whole30 with a few people committed to doing it with me. At one week in, I’m now officially doing it alone. *sigh* I was really excited to have people on board with me, to encourage me, to understand the things I was going through over the weeks, and to be able to celebrate at the end of it an achievement well-earned.

I recognize that this is a tough program, and I realize that not everyone will have the same determination as I do for it, but, I just…..I was really hoping. And…..I’m just really bummed out now. 😦 I’m proud of myself for doing so well thus far, and I know I’ll continue doing well because I really do have the drive to succeed, but, nothing in life ever means as much to me if I’m not with my friends. Bottom line, I’m a relationship girl. My people are my passion, they’re why I do 80-90% of the things I do, and so I was just hoping they would stick it out with me……for me.

At any rate, today was an OK day. Again, nothing exciting. My food choices were the same as they have been with the exception of dinner which BFF cooked (red curry, yum!). No CrossFit for me tonight as I was too busy helping to choose our hotel for Vegas (priorities, OK?). We’re all booked now and just have to wait one month and four days.


4 thoughts on “The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7

  1. I’m pretty sure that the officially Whole 30 peeps started a big official challenge at the same time you started yours. Maybe look to that community for support? And, of course, I’m regularly stalking you so you totally have ME! πŸ™‚

    YAY Vegas! I’m going there for the first time over New Years. Where did you decide to stay?

    1. It makes me happy to know someone is stalking me. …..Wait….j/k! πŸ™‚ It’s been nice having someone who’s been through it give me tips and validate my reactions. πŸ™‚ I follow Whole30 on Facebook and love seeing the little encouraging posts they have, so that’s been helpful. I may have to check out the message boards too.

      Ahhh, Vegas…’s like an adult’s playground. This will be my 4th time there and we landed on the Monte Carlo. We wanted something on the lower end of price without going below a 4-star hotel, so we went through Priceline and didn’t know what we were getting. Very happy with the selection though. I stayed there on my first trip and liked it. I’ve also stayed at the Venetian and the Elara and both were very nice. Just try to find a hotel centrally located to the Strip. It’s deceptively long. I enjoy the south end hotels (Paris, Planet Hollywood, MGM, etc). That area, I think, is the best. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to read about it after you go!

      1. Who says I’ll blog about it… what happens in Vegas after all… πŸ˜‰

        Ok who am I kidding. There will probably be 1000 bloggable moments!

        We’re staying at the MGM. There’s a huge UFC fight there on the 28th, which also happens to be our wedding anniversary, so I’m super excited.

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