WOD 8/20 & Whole30 Day 6

Well, I didn’t feel too tired yesterday, so that was good. I made it to the workout and felt like I gave my all in it, so that’s all I can ask.



AMR in 30 min:
AMR in 30 mins:
8 Strict Chinups or Ring Rows
25 V- Ups
8 – Perfect Push Ups
25 – Wall Balls (2@10lbs, 1@12lbs, 1@14lbs)
30s Airdyne Sprint

We had an unusually large class, so the amount of wall balls out was ridiculous which is why I ended up using three different weights, I just grabbed whichever one was free.

As far as Whole30, nothing too interesting to report. I was in a training for work where they provided lunch for us and thankfully, I had packed my own so I was able to resist the temptation to sandwiches. My meals were definitely not inspired yesterday, so there’s no point in even listing them out. It was basically a bunch of leftovers.

We did have a Paleo/Whole30 panel discussion at the gym last night after the workout and that was a lot of fun. It was nice to get to know a couple of the other trainers better and some members of the gym and find out how the Paleo lifestyle works for them.

All in all, a decent day. 🙂


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