WOD 8/23 & Whole30 Day 9

Well, I woke up this morning much more rested than the previous days, but it didn’t take long for my mood to head right to the dumpster. I decided to try a pair of pants that I haven’t worn for awhile to see if they fit better now….they don’t. And that was it, my mood was shot. I suddenly wondered why in the hell I’m doing this to myself. Why am I trying so hard to get healthy and to lose weight when my body always, ALWAYS fights against me. It’s like it flat out refused to move, both on the scale and in my composition. It is so frustrating. And honestly, I’m not weighing myself or measuring anything, so I’m only going by how my clothes are fitting and let me tell you, they don’t seem to be any different.

I had to keep reminding myself over and over today that it’s only been one week for Whole30 and one month for CrossFit, but I’ve read countless stories of people who seem to have so much success even in the very beginning and it just sends me into despair.

So yeah, I survived day 9 but barely. I ate leftovers again. And just kept trying to remind myself that there is hope.

I guess the up-side of the shittiness of today was that it really gave me motivation for making the workout this evening. So, there’s that.

Pursuit & Performance:
15 mins:
A1) Snatch Complex – 1 Snatch Pull + 1P.Sn + 1HSq.Sn (Pursuit: 3H.P.Sn + 3 OHS )
A2) Seated KB Strict Press: 3 sets x 12 repsR/L – challenging wt.
Tabata: 20 ON; 10OFF; 1 min rest b/t exercises
Line Tags – 10 M
Bottom 2 Bottom Air Squats
Ab Wheel – K2E
Score = ALL Reps

I ended with 128 reps and again was the lowest number on the board. Typical.

I don’t have much else to write tonight, especially anything positive, so I’ll just end here.


One thought on “WOD 8/23 & Whole30 Day 9

  1. One thing I’ve learned is never compare yourself to someone else. Everyone’s body will react differently. Weight comes off differently, that’s just how it works. Yes it sucks to see someone doing exactly what you are and losing but most likely you are excelling in another area. You may just not have discovered what’s area is changing yet. Plus you are making healthy life choices that in the long run will pay off for your body. You got this my friend, you got this!

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