WOD 8/24 & Whole30 Day 10

I’ll admit, when I saw the WOD on the schedule that L sent out at the beginning of the week for today, I was terrified, and yet something inside of me said “We MUST do this”. Damn that little voice! There’s another new-ish girl who I’ve been chatting with here and there, so we decided to partner up. Having friends at CrossFit is great!

Pursuit & Performance:
Partner WOD:
Complete the following:
P1 – Is working on Movements
P2 – Is running 150 M
Then switch and pick up where your partner left off…
100 Burpees ((or Updowns))
100 Wall Ball
100 Power Cleans (50K/29K) ((pursuit: free choice))
100 Shoulder to OH (same) ((Pursuit: Free Choice))
*No slice and dice. Must complete ALL reps of each movement in order to move on.

About halfway through this workout I wanted to puke…..or die. I would have taken either. I also realize now (hours later) that I should have rowed that 150m instead of running/walking it because my knee is very upset with me.

I have to give a lot of props to my partner on this one cause I think she really carried us. I was exhausted, sore, and could barely catch my breath most of the time. Thankfully, I felt like I came through in the final round as Shoulder to OH’s are some of my favorites. 🙂 We clocked in at 38:24 making a very long, very tiring workout.

Post-WOD, partner and I hung around a bit to talk to L (owner/trainer) about a couple things (me: hip stretches, her: squat movement) and I was just so humbled at how she really just made time for us. She listened to what we were saying then assessed the different situations and gave pointers, tips, and new mobility work for us to add into our routines for the next couple of months. I am forever grateful for finding this gym because the team of trainers just rocks my socks off!

Whole30 today wasn’t too bad. I, again, pretty much ate the same thing as I’ve been eating: leftovers. The hard part came when I headed to a friend’s BBQ. I managed to resist all the foods I couldn’t eat, but it was pretty challenging. Also, the fact that it was a party and there were yummy drinks being served made it even worse. I bailed a couple hours in since I just couldn’t take it. At least after today, I will be 1/3 of the way done!

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