WOD 8/30 & Whole30 day 16

Today was a great day! I woke up with the clearest mind, eyes wide open, and absolutely no need for coffee. It was crazy weird. Then, I got to work and found an email waiting for me that said I could leave at 1pm and get a jump start on my holiday weekend. Score!

Breakfast was a hard-boiled egg and some leftover baked, sweet potato cubes. For lunch, I allowed myself to go to Chipotle and get the salad with only the allowable ingredients. You know what, in the end, I was irritated that I spent $9 on a lunch that wasn’t even that satisfying. The lunches I’ve been bringing have been better.


Since I was off early, I got my workout in right after work, then went grocery shopping which was much needed! Once home, I went straight in to food-prep mode, cleaning out my fridge and restocking, chopping, grilling, boiling. I’m hoping to get a lot of cooking done this weekend to be fully prepared to ride the remaining 14 days out smoothly.


While I was in line, waiting to checkout, I happened to look over at the cart next to me: Mac & Cheese, Top Ramen, Lunchables, soda, crackers, and a whole host of other processed, nutrient free foods. It’s basically what my cart looked like a couple months ago. I shook my head in disbelief when I looked back at my cart and realized how different it was.


Meat and produce with a few other items, all healthy, full of nutrients, and Whole30 approved. Go me for better life choices!

Pursuit & Performance: 15 mins
A1) Snatch Complex – 1 Snatch Pull + 1P.Sn + 1HSq.Sn (Pursuit: 3H.P.Sn + 3 OHS )
A2) K2E practice for Pursuit; 3 sets; 8-12 reps; Performance: T2B – UNBROKEN Sets X3, AMRepsAP.

Pursuit Partner WOD:
AMR in 4 mins:
P1 – Working
P2 – Resting
5 – Shoot Thru’s (dip & PushUp)
10 – Dball Slams
Pursuit Partner WOD:
AMR in 8 mins:
P1 – Working
P2 – Resting
5 – Shoot Thrus (dip & PushUp)
10 – Dball Slams

It was weird doing a workout during open gym time. I was the only person in there except for R (trainer) and he was mostly doing his own thing, so I just worked my way through the warm-up and workout. I was very happy with my snatch complex as I used the 24kg. My overhead squats were not super pretty, but I did them!

The workout really sucked. I am absolutely terrible at shoot thru’s and those dball slams are much harder than what I had in my head. I used a 20lb ball courtesy of R picking it out for me (thanks dude :-/) but, honestly, I’m glad they push me. I’m glad they want more from me than I think I can do.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting a friend over at Marymoore dog park to check out a dog she might adopt. I offered Ginger and I’s services to help check her out, give a second opinion. Plus, Ginger needs some running time and I need some special time with my girl.



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