Whole30 days 17 & 18

Yesterday and today have been about the same and since I forgot to post last night, I figured I would just combine them.

Both days I’ve woken up with a clear head, although, admittedly, I’ve pretty much forced myself to go back to sleep for extra hours when I could have (should have?) gotten up. Oh well, it’s a holiday weekend, so I may as well indulge, yes? Yes.

I’ve also spent my weekend mostly in the kitchen and cleaning around my apartment. I have prepared so much food that I’m running out of space in my refrigerator! And I still have more to prep tomorrow. I think that I’m going to do is separate the food into individual containers so that all meals are just ready to go in the mornings. Hopefully, that will clear up some space.

Yesterday, Ginger also got a treat as we headed across the lake to Marymoor park for her to romp around. We also met friends there and a potential pup that they may be adopting. It was lots of fun and of course, my girl was zonked at the end. I love seeing her so tired and happy.

Today, I spent most of my day with my gay boy. I made us breakfast, then we sat around watching vine and youtube videos and laughing. Mid-afternoon, we met another friend at Old Navy to do some shopping for me for Vegas (25 days and counting!). I totally scored on the trip too and found exactly what I was looking for! I cannot WAIT to strut my stuff in Vegas and have pics for you all.

Which brings me to my next point: I think I’m starting to see the physical results from Whole30. Maybe I’m kidding myself, but I’m pretty sure my tummy is more flat, and my legs are looking more muscular. I don’t notice a HUGE different in my clothes yet, but trying things on in various sizes was interesting. Regardless of how much I’ve lost, I’m just happy to notice some change. It gives me great hope.

Both yesterday and today were rest days for me, so I plan to be back at the box tomorrow and spend the rest of my day off prepping food, reading book three of Harry Potter, and finishing up season two of Suits.

Instead of food, I’m leaving you with a pic of my favorite girl.


Just the cutest damn dog, ever!


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