WOD 9/4 & Whole30 day 21

I’m still having food cravings, which I was hoping would be gone right now, but I guess since I’ve been eating the same way for 31 years, I can’t expect them to all go away within 21 days. Again, leftovers all day.

Pursuit & Performance:

20 mins:

A1) Deadlift – 5 rep T’nG practice

A2) Double Under practice: UNBROKEN set work: 5,10,15,20,15,10,5 – Pause b/t each set. If you can’t go UNBROKEN practice for 2 mins/sets.


For Time:

3 Rounds:

20 Wall Ball

20 BIG Box Jumps (28”/24”)

20 KBS (1.5pd/1pd)

350 M Run

So, I’ve been at this gym for 2 months now, and this was the first time I did deadlifts. I started light and ended up maxing out at 44kg. I maybe could have added a bit more weight, but wanted to focus on form instead. I clocked in at 15:14, and was second to last to finish, but I’m learning every day to not care about that.

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