Whole30 day 22

Bullet-point form today:

  • I fed a $12 NY Strip steak to my dog tonight. Why? Because apparently, when you buy your meat from a butcher, you need to cook it within one day or it oxidizes and becomes like leather. *sigh*
  • I’m kind of pissed today because part of this Whole30 thing is supposed to give me flawless skin and yet, I have two zits. What the hell?? Even when I’m eating like crap, I don’t have breakouts, so what gives?
  • Today’s WOD included a crap-ton burpees and I just couldn’t bring myself to go. :-/ Now, I’m officially committed to tomorrow and Saturday’s WOD’s.
  • I’m officially into the single digit countdown to the end of Whole30
  • 3 weeks from today, I will be in Vegas, lounging by a pool or strolling the strip with a cool, adult beverage in my hand.
  • I don’t think I’m eating enough vegetables these days. I seem to be really focused on meat and starches, so I need to rectify that.

Until next time…


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