WOD 9/6 & Whole30 day 23

Oh boy, we’re getting close! I can smell the red wine from here!!!! (Seriously guys, that will be my first jump back into the “real” world. I don’t care about pasta or cookies…I want my wine!)

I forgot to take pics of my food today. I can definitely tell I’m nearing the end as I’m not nearly as motivated to record every step I make. I didn’t even prep breakfast today, but just grabbed a couple hard-boiled eggs from our little vendor stand upstairs. Lunch was a salad with grilled salmon that I managed to make last night and a sweet potato. It filled me up, but wasn’t too satisfying, so that was a bummer and I have a feeling I’m going to be hungry in a couple of hours.

Performance: 20 mins

A1)Back Squat – Heavy 5 rep

A2)1 min 1A Alt KBS – heavy as possible; UNBROKEN


A1) Back Squat – sets of 5; add wt. each set if possible

A2) KBS FULL American Swing, CF Standard; use heaviest bell possible



Air Squat

DB Up-down (#35/20#) – tried using 10lb weights, and threw them aside after about 5 reps because I knew I just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

150 M Row after ea. Set

This workout was brutal. OK, well, I basically say that about 95% of them, but this one was different because it was mentally brutal. I finished at 29:29, last one still going, and found tears coming out of my eyes at the end. Tears of relief, tears of frustration, tears of joy. As much as this journey is physical, there is so much more that is mental. I am damn proud that I finished this one and more proud that I just keep showing up. And you know why? For moments like today when I feel like shit because I’m the last one still going in my scaled workout but I keep going anyways, because I hear a fellow athlete say “you’ve got this” or I hear my trainer say “Come on Becca, you got this!”. It’s because of THEIR support that I push through. In those moments, generally, it’s not for me, it’s for them, for the team and then at the end, I realize it is for me.

Going back to the first part of the WOD, one of the other trainers was hanging out after the previous class and was watching me do my back squats and came over to chat with me about lifting shoes. Yep, my current Nike’s are still messing me up, so I did a round barefoot which was a big difference, then she had me wear her lifting shoes for a round and it was amazing. I’m totally sold on lifting shoes now. She also took video of my last set so I could see how my form is looking. Guess what? I’m squatting BELOW parallel now! YAY ME! I sometimes still let my back fall too forward, but in the lifting shoes, I definitely noticed it and was able to correct myself. I’m so happy she let me try them, so that I would have a better understanding of what I’m doing and where I’m going. Finally, on the last set, I was able to hit a new max weight which ended up being 55kg. PEOPLE, that is 121lbs!!! DANNNNNG!

Ok, and my final note today is that I wore some of my new clothes today: One outfit to work, and one out salsa dancing. (Yes, I managed to go salsa dancing even after a brutal workout) And guess what? I took some pics! I figured, I haven’t really posted any pics of myself while I’ve been on Whole30, so now was a good time.


I felt pretty sassy in this outfit, and I’m really glad that my friends talked me into buying the pants when I was afraid they looked crappy on me. It’s great to have amazing friends! It’s kinda hard to tell if my body has changed because the shirt is hanging loose, but I was pretty happy with how my legs looked in my rockin’ red pants.


Headed out to the club, where I danced the night away while drinking waters with lemon. Salsa dancing sober was an interesting change. Um, but seriously, can we get another shot of those legs??


Yes, we can. (No, I did not go dancing in flip-flops) I apologize for all my vanity tonight, but, well, I needed this. Maybe all the changes aren’t completely evident, and I still have a ways to go, but it was nice to have a day where I felt put together, sexy, and worth someone’s attention. I admit, it’s been awhile.

OK, it’s now officially 3AM, and I can’t believe I’ve managed to stay up this long! Must. Sleep. Now.

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