Whole30 day 24

Well, because I was up until 3AM the night before, I didn’t make it to CrossFit, but I figured dancing for several hours and not drinking was a workout in and of itself, so I was fine with missing.

I had already planned to go to the Washington State Fair because I wanted to to go the rodeo before I decided to start the Whole30 program. Unfortunately, this was the only weekend the rodeo was going on, otherwise I would have pushed it a week out. I thought it would be fine because I’ve been doing so well and I was only a week away from finishing, but truth be told, it was the most tempting and sad day thus far. I wanted the fair food so badly! I wanted a funnel cake, and a scone, and roasted corn, and beer! I hated that!

After the fair, we landed at a BBQ where again, I couldn’t drink anything. They did have veggies and fruit that I could munch on which was great, but I badly wanted to be joining in on the fun. The most frequent thought I had all day was “I”m only a week out” and not in a positive, “you can do it”, “stay strong” way, but in a “I’ve been SO GOOD, why can’t I cheat?!” way. These next 6 days cannot go by fast enough.

But enough of that, let’s look at fun pictures instead:


Watching the cowboys ride bucking horses and bulls, rope cattle and overall just be cowboys was enough to make me want to move to the South and find one for myself! There’s somethin’ ’bout a cowboy…..*swoon*


How could you not love something that looks like that? I mean seriously!


Is anything else obsessed with goats since the “goats screaming like humans” videos have come out on youtube? Well, my best gay boy and I are DEFINITELY obsessed. Plus, these were little pigmy goats, and adorable!


Baby piglets!!! So cute, and pink, and babyish…..mmm….bacon. 😉 OK, that was mean. But, seriously, baby animals are just so adorable!


Us enjoying the rodeo!


This cowboy was awesome….and hot…..and I like to imagine that he has a spectacular personality to go along with all that. 🙂


Let’s talk about sheep for a minute. Part of the rodeo included Mutton’ Busting which is little kids (ages 4-6) riding sheep. It was…..hysterical! But, before they started, two men carried the two sheep in the pen out about 50 feet or so from where the little kids and their sheep came out and i thought, this is odd. But, as soon as the kid would fall off his sheep, the sheep would just walk over to the two sheep in the pen and stay there. They really are herding animals. It was so much fun to watch.


And, finally, my night ended with a fire in a back yard, sitting around talking and laughing with some great people.

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