Whole30 days 28 & 29

Guys, I’m going to be real blunt with you right now: I need this f#cking program to be done. Finished. Over. Around lunchtime yesterday (day 28), I made my lunch and my stomach decided to stage a coup against me. Since then, it’s been doing flip-flops on me. Nothing (that I can eat) sounds good to me, and even just the thought of certain foods makes me nauseous. Because of this, I haven’t been eating hardly anything which is terrible! I’m not one of those people who wants to starve myself to lose 2 pounds. No, I love food! And I respect my body and the fact that it needs sustenence, but the last 35 hours have been really rough. My stomach rumbles, I try to put something in it, and it just doesn’t sit right.

All of this is causing a great deal of mental breakdown in me. In fact tonight, I nearly caved. I mean, I’m basically there, right? But, I’m a person who loves rules and I know I would be so mad at myself if I didn’t make it the full 30 when I’ve been doing so well up until now.

I managed to make it to CrossFit yesterday (day 28), but today, felt like I should skip since I’m not fueling my body properly. I don’t want to cause more damage. So, I just read a lot tonight and now I’m heading to bed early. I just need to make it another 24 hours and then I can go to bed again and wake up a free woman.



3 thoughts on “Whole30 days 28 & 29

  1. Congratulations on getting to the last day!!!! What do you think caused the stomach craziness??? Were you eating a variety to keep it colorful for your pallet? Satisfying for your belly? Was there a food that turned you off????
    In any event The most awesome thing is your here and you made it!!!!! High five to you!!!!

    1. I was eating somewhat of a variety, but not as much as I could have. I’m not sure what happened, but it was definitely unpleasant. The culprit was tuna with avocado and a hardboiled egg. Let’s just say, I won’t be eating tuna for a very long time.

      Thanks! It feels great to be at the end!!!

  2. You are almost there! Don’t quit now. Try some new spices to mix it up and find something that excites you. Near the end I was doing a lot of ground chicken with fun spices. Curry. Or caynne pepper and tobasco sauce. You can DO it.

    And once you’ve done it, you can eat ice cream. Mmmmm ice cream.

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