WOD 9/11

I realized I forgot to post my workout from the other day. I was just too focused on being grumpy about Whole30 I think.

They changed our strengthening work to TGU’s and I believe we did 12 on each side. I used an 18lb KB.


For Time:

3 Rounds

10 – Spectaculars (50K/29K) 1Spectaculr= 1HPC+1Front Squat+1PushPress+1OHLunge R/L

500 M Run

I clocked in at 20:05 and had 24kg on my bar, so I felt good about that. I’m really making sure I always try the 24kg first, even if it takes me longer to finish because I know I’m strong enough to handle it, I just have to push myself. Oh, pursuit people only had to do 6 each round, so that was good and I rowed instead of ran.

A great, sweaty workout and I was ready to head home and go to bed.


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