WOD 9/13 & Whole30 day 30!!

Holy crap, the day has come!!! Yes, I successfully made it through all 30 days without caving once! I am SO PROUD of myself!! I went to Chipotle for lunch to celebrate and of course had a Whole30 approved lunch. Dinner was a salad from the Whole Foods salad bar, so nothing spectacular.

Mostly, I just felt really good today. So good, that I had my friend take some pics of me:


Yes, even though it was “casual Friday”, I opted to dress up because I felt that good about myself. Also, I wear my hair up so much of the time, I forget how long it’s getting!

After staring at this pic all day, and reading all the awesome comments from my friends on Facebook and Instagram, I needed to know ASAP what my weight change was (if any). Now, if you remember, I actually didn’t weigh myself or take down measurements before I started Whole30, however, I had gone to the doctor not long before I started CrossFit, so I had an idea of where I was starting at.

After our workout and a bit of grocery shopping, I arrived home, stripped all my clothes off and stepped on that scale with both trepidation and excitement. I didn’t believe the number and did it again just to make sure. Yep, I am down 16 lbs! Holy crap! I can only imagine how many inches that is! Again, they weren’t all lost on Whole30, but over the last couple of months which makes for a nice, steady, and healthy weight loss.


I said it on Facebook earlier, but I want to state it here as well. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the past month. It has truly meant a lot to me and has kept me accountable throughout. Your words of encouragement got me through the rough days and kept me striving to reach the end.

Whew, OK, enough of that before I start crying!

Pursuit & Performance:  15 mins

A) Clean Complex: 1PwrClean + 2 Front Squats




Pull ups


For the strength piece, I started with 24kg and then moved to 29kg but stayed there the rest of the time as I was focusing on learning the clean complex instead of doing a hang power clean (which is what I usually do). It took me a few tries to get the landing right (I tended to either land on my toes, or too far back and nearly fall on my ass), but once I got it, I did pretty good.

Oh, Fran…..you little minx! I have to admit, this was a perfect workout to end my Whole30. Benchmark WOD’s are addicting because you want to see how much better you are than last time. Well, this was my first time doing Fran at this box, so this was my inaugural time. I landed at 9:20 which I was extremely happy with. I was aiming for under 10 minutes so I achieved that. I also wasn’t the slowest person on the board today, so that was a nice change! At any rate, I have a great starting point and can’t wait until the next time she rolls around!

I think as I acclimate to “normal” life, post Whole30, I’ll have more thoughts to share about the experience and what all I learned, but for now, I’m just going to go to sleep and be proud.



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