Weekend Freedom

Waking up on Saturday was glorious! It was the first taste of freedom! And the way I chose to celebrate was with paleo banana pancakes and bacon!


If this is what eating paleo is like, I’m going to be just fine!

The rest of Saturday, I allowed myself some freedom to enjoy some fair food. I tried to make better choices if I could (I didn’t eat hardly any of my bun on my pork sandwich), and I split a funnel cake with BFF instead of eating a whole one by myself. But, I think the biggest cheat for me was alcohol. I allowed myself as many glasses of wine as I wanted, and I didn’t really hold back. I paid for it Sunday morning too. Yikes, I did not miss hangovers during my Whole30.


Thankfully, it was just a headache and once I had brunch, it was gone and I was nearly 100%. Speaking of brunch, a friend and I decided to do our grocery shopping at the Farmer’s Market, but were hungry first so ate at a local, organic spot where finding a paleo-friendly meal was not even close to a problem. Once satisfied, we headed to the market where I scored a bunch of yummy stuff.

Sunday was a chilly, rainy, cloudy day so it was nice to be wearing long-sleeves and sweats. Honestly, I didn’t even shower. I took Ginger to the dog park in the afternoon and stopped by the butcher shop and grocery store to pick up the rest of the ingredients needed for paleo beef stew. It was the perfect Sunday night dinner, complete with a glass of Merlot and a movie.


Ginger was pretty freaked out by the thunderstorms we had rolling through, so I tried to keep her as preoccupied as possible. Poor baby girl. 😦

All in all, an excellent weekend being back in the “real world”. I’m not feeling too nervous about rebounding which is good. I feel like staying Paleo the majority of the time won’t be too hard. Hooray!

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