I can’t feel my hands

I really hope my body adjusts quickly back into workout/clean eating mode, because this week has been ridiculous. The first day I worked out, I went to bed at 7:30pm, and yesterday, I barely made it to 8:30pm. And I’m not even waking up early for it, I’m sleeping dead-hard to when my alarm goes off in the morning. But, I’m going with it. If my body thinks it needs 11 hours of sleep, I’ll allow it….for now.

The WOD yesterday was interesting as it was all individually timed, so we basically had to do 5 rounds on our own then our score was the fastest round we had, and the round with the highest weight. It was actually better than I assumed it would be since I could work at my own pace and know I wasn’t being compared to anyone else. The worst part of it was that each round had 15 burpees (up-downs for me) and a barbell complex and my hands have lost their callouses which resulted in burning palms. In fact, they’re still burning today. 😦 Let’s hope those callouses come back quickly!!

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