All you need is a GREAT coach

As I (slowly) get back into the routine of CrossFit, I find more and more that a good connection with your trainer is so important. At least, for me it is. I perform best when I have encouragement and corrections from someone that I feel a connection with. Someone I can talk to, be honest about where I’m struggling, joke with, etc. Over the past month, one trainer at my box has started to become that person. Ironically, he was the first coach I ever had at this box and even though I only had him maybe 3 times when I was going in the fall, when I came back and had him in February, he still remembered my name (and we weren’t even Facebook friends!). That’s a really big deal to me. Aside from that, I just really like the way he instructs and corrects us as a team. (Side note: ALL of my coaches are wonderful, I just haven’t found a connection with all of them yet)

Early in February, one of our WOD’s included 15 minutes of working on kipping. I was terrified and immediately went up to him saying that I couldn’t hang from the bar, so what could my modification be. He gave me a mod but encouraged me to just attempt hanging from the bar, even if I couldn’t kip and just fell off, just to get the feel of it. Since it was a small class that night, and all ladies, I decided I could handle the humiliation. Up on the box I went, leaned over, wrapped my hands around the bar, and stepped off the box. And there I was…HANGING!! I hung there for probably 5 seconds just stunned that I was actually doing this. I had never in my life been able to do that. My hands gave out and I fell off but I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to get back up and do it again. From there, I started trying to kip and I did that too! Nothing big and not for long amounts of time, but it was a big achievement for me and he encouraged me to try. I needed that push.

That same night, our workout included shoot-through’s which is something I just can’t do (yet), but I try. My coach saw me struggling through the movements and switched me to push-ups to work on the muscles needed for shoot-through’s. He did it without drawing a lot of attention to the fact that I was sucking at the movement and talked me through my frustration and tear-filled eyes. After class, he just encouraged me to keep trying, keep working on those muscle groups, and to not feel upset.

Fast forward to last week, same coach, and we were working on overhead squats. On one of his rounds by, he said my form was good and mentioned how far I’ve come since I started last fall. I teared up, so grateful to have someone who noticed my hard work and improvement (no matter how small) and encouraged me in that.

Finally, last night, he happened to be coaching, and our workout was a 10 minute cap, 2k row with as many thrusters as time left permitted. I wasn’t sure I would even make it to the thrusters as I’ve never rowed that far so wasn’t sure how long it would take. The first 1k meters were OK, and I kept a decent pace, but somewhere around there, I began to run out of breath and slowed down. As coach came by, he said “keep that time under 2:30” (for my time/500m) and that’s what my goal became for the remaining 1k meters, just to keep that time under 2:30. A couple of times it popped up to 2:40, but overall, I kept rowing. I finished 2k at 9:39 and had just enough time to bust out 4 thrusters at 24k. I was elated! I was the last person rowing, and had the lowest number of thrusters, but I didn’t care. With the encouragement from my coach, I was able to push myself forward and do more than I thought I could.

This is why I know that the money I pay to this gym is worth it. They help me achieve things that I never thought I could do, and they encourage me to keep trying, keep pushing, even when there’s nothing left. So, thanks coach. Even though I have a long ways to go, I couldn’t have gotten here without you. 🙂

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