What’s inspiring me lately?

I’ve written a lot about music being a large part of my life, how it moves me and inspires me. I thought it might be fun to actually post a few of the songs every couple weeks or so that are resonating with me. I think it will be fun to scroll back through some of these posts later on and see if there was a theme happening.

I Care – Beyonce

The straight, raw emotion in this song along with the chord changes makes me not be able to sit still (much like her in this video, which I love).

Dressed in Black – Sia

I’ve never been a big Sia fan until her new album dropped this year. I haven’t stopped listening to it since the day it was available. This song resonates with me on a very, very personal level. This past winter, I think I wore black nearly every day and I didn’t realize that it was an outward expression of how I was feeling inside. The last two minutes of the song are my absolute favorite with just the music and her humming. Beautiful.

Assets – Yellow Claw & Tropkillaz

I found this song via one of the Les Twins videos (they are twin dancers from France) and I fell in love with it. No idea what they’re saying and I don’t really care. It just makes me smile and dance! Plus, it’s Amsterdam Twerk Music, how can you NOT love that??


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