Today was an emotional day for me
Today I learned I cannot fix everyone
Today I realized I am not a therapist
Today I learned a lot about myself

Today was draining
Today I tried to choose empathy
Today I felt at the end of what I could do
Today was a beginning to an end

Today I felt the weight of death
Without feeling death
Today I wondered how it could end like this
End like this

Today I mourned youth and the follies it becomes
I missed innocense and loveliness
And everything that’s learned

These fleeting moments we only get once
One moment, then it’s gone
Another after another
Here, now, gone

What are we teaching?
What are we living?
Who are we showing?
Who are we loving?

My heart aches, it mourns for what’s lost
It longs for justice, peace and love
I wonder how much more it will cost

How do we grow?
How do we change?
How do we impart the “wisdom of the age”?

When will it end?
When will it end?
When will it end?
When will it…………end.


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