Fullness of life

What is life without laughter?
What is life without tears?
These opposing sides, conflicting fears
They give life meaning, fullness and complexity

To have one without the other
Makes life incomplete
To not feel pain is to not experience love
But vulnerability is key

Living full takes courage
It takes a lot of risk
Requiring strength and presence
And a willingness to commit

Breathing in, breathing out
This joy, this pain
It’s all consuming, it’s everlasting
And what is gained?

It wounds me, it heals me
It makes me see life
It makes me see death
I feel fear and freedom in the same breath

And sometimes when you don’t know what’s coming
When the world around you spins
You just have to keep on moving
In time, the chaos makes sense

This life we get only once
So be brave and live it right
Live it completely, live it fully
And you’ll be alright


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