Wet Paint

Dark but hopeful
Silent but loud
White black
So close but yet so far
Everything blending but so removed

No one says a thing
This is the time
The time to speak up
This is the time
The time to say that injustice is wrong
Light trying to shine through
Beauty, strength, love trying to remain

Stillness shining through the light of day
My life feels like a pit sometimes
But there is you….shining through
Waiting for me…light

I make the white go away
All is colors
Everyone should be light
Safety reminds me of stability and right

Where do I make change?
Where do I pick a fight?

When I don’t know where to go
When I don’t know how to be perceived
When I question who I am and what I want
All that remains is a colorful canvas

I’m more comfortable with yours than mine
Why do I feel this way
How do I understand?
Where is my voice and how do I make it heard?

I’m more confident in your words than mine
I try to let others speak for me
But only my voice remains
Take a moment, gather strength

Tell myself over and over that I am me
I am worth it. My voice remains.
Precision, while necessary is a disease
My heat is open

What you expect of me
Why do you want this
Expression, vulnerability
Details blur lines between you and me

Short bursts tell you about me
Myself gets clouded in tradition
Myself gets crowded in expectation

See me for who I am
See me for me
See me for life
See me for love


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