2015 – The Experience

I can’t believe it’s 2015 and that I’m so late with this post. I can’t believe that we just closed another year. I can’t believe who and where I am these days. I can’t believe the changes that have been made, the struggles I’ve fought through, the awesome experiences I’ve had, and the difficult choices I’ve made to let things go.

As I look ahead to 2015, I definitely have new things that I want do and goals that I want to achieve, but I also want to leave room for the natural progression of my life. So, I’ve decided to break this year up into quarters, while focusing on four areas: Music; Writing; Travel; Dance.

When I thought about this year, I also had some overarching themes that I wanted to experience as well: Be uncomfortable/expand my world; Be intentional in forming new relationships; Create better habits; Think outside the box.

I’ve devoted one of my whiteboards at home to keep track of the things I do in each quarter, and I’m hoping to do a post after each quarter ends about what I’ve achieved (or not achieved) and the ways I’ve changed or grown.

So……stay tuned. 🙂

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