Writing their story

I sit as a fly on the wall
Watching, perusing, decoding subliminal messages
Men stand along the perimeter, unsure
Women move among themselves, throwing off inhibitions with drinks and friends

But as I watch, one man walks into the crowd and turns a full circle slowly
Until his eyes come to rest on the one who captivates himHe extends his hand smoothly, inviting her into his space
And she accepts and gracefully moves her body into his

And thus begins their story

They sway to the music as one
Playing the game of looking but not
He leans into her ear and whispers
She ducks her head and smiles

Her curls fall into her face
And without hesitation, he moves his hand to sweep them back
Gently laying it back in place
This is the moment her heart flutters

The song has ended but they remain touching
They’re leaned into each other, conversing more
Cell phones are out, numbers exchanged
Friends have met

They go separate ways for now
But I know they’ll be together soon
They fit too perfectly in each others arms
This is their story


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