Learning things

I’m learning that sometimes most times my choices are made out of sheer laziness. I really dislike that.

I’m learning that reading a label of ingredients is a hell of a lot more telling than the damn calorie count.

I’m learning that I really don’t have to cook (or grocery shop) as much as I thought I did to maintain a healthy eating pattern.

I’m learning that I do really well with clearly defined guidelines.

I’m learning that it really hurts me when people I’m close to don’t give me praise or even acknowledge my creative endeavors.

I’m learning that I really effing hate the presence of cell phones when I’m hanging out with friends. SO MUCH.

I’m learning how to not take the blame for every single thing that hurts or upsets me.

I’m learning that “independence” born out of spite or competition is just a cry for interdependence born out of encouragement, love, and a genuine ease of being with someone.

I’m learning that I don’t want to waste food like I have before.

I’m learning that my breakfast habit is well solidified and it makes me uber happy.

I’m learning that taking a breath, allowing myself time, and focusing on one change at a time produces a much better result and a happier me.


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