Being the people-person that I am, I love the idea of working with people on projects. I’ve never really been an independent worker. I always do my best when I’m collaborating with others and that’s why I’ve decided to take some of things that I love and am passionate about and begin collaborating with others who share those same passions.

I’m working one of my friends who paints in a mixed-media piece that will take my words and his aesthetic and hopefully make a beautiful canvas.

I have also started a tumblr page with my beautiful cousin where we talk and review music. You should check it out! Beats and Belles

I’m super pumped to be doing this with her, stretching my comfort zones, trying new things, learning how to write better and talking about one of my most favorite subjects in the whole world: MUSIC.

Overall, things in my world are seriously looking great. I’m excited for my Paris trip next month, I’m excited for the projects mentioned above, I’m excited for time with my friends, and I’m excited to embrace life right where I am. 2015, you’re treating me pretty well.

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