2015 The Experience – Q2 Recap

It’s hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through this year. It sure doesn’t feel like 7 months ago I was trying to decide how I would approach 2015. Man, I don’t even know if I can encompass everything that this quarter has contained. But, I have to try.

I’ll start with travel, as three out of my five trips for the year happened in Q2.

Austin was first and it was my annual (bi-annual?) trip with my BFF. We try to get away every year but the trips vary each year between something local for a weekend or a longer, bigger trip. We each picked our top 3 or 4 cities we would like to visit, then narrowed down to the 2 that we agreed on and from there, chose Austin as we both love music and have wanted to visit there for awhile.

I won’t say that I fell in love with the place. It was nice and I loved all the rooftop bars, but otherwise, it felt very college-y (duh) and not a whole hell of a lot going on. I think it’s one of those cities best explored with a local versus just going on your own. We spent a good chunk of time just hanging out in our airbnb room and relaxing and while I’m not always the best at that, I think it was needed. All in all, a great trip with my BFF.

Next was Denver which was really just a quick weekend trip for my sister’s graduation, but it was also my first trip where I had my very own rental car and hotel room, meaning that I would be exploring on my own. Colorado isn’t new to me since my sister has lived there for several years, but I’ve always been at the mercy of their plans since I always stayed with them. With this trip, I was able to go off and do things on my own. I explored Boulder which I had been wanting to visit for awhile and it turned out to be such a quaint town! I loved it, even though it started pouring rain mid-way through my shopping. This trip started proving to me that I could travel alone. I was able to choose when and where I wanted to eat, what I wanted to do and that I could make friends wherever I went!

Final trip was the big one: PARIS! Guys, I can’t even pretend to summarize that trip into a paragraph. It was absolutely life-changing in a bajillion different ways, and I am going to dedicate an entirely separate post to it. Just know that I am forever a new person because of that experience.

As far as writing goes, I had a couple different projects that I started in Q2.

I started another fiction piece which is still ongoing. I’m not going to lie, it’s been about a month since I wrote a chapter. In general, since coming back from Paris, I just haven’t written anything. I think I just needed a break. Sometimes this happens for a month or two. Does it happen to everyone? I hope so. Anyways, I didn’t do much posting on this site over Q2, but I did start a new project regarding writing and music, so that’s been a fun adventure.

On to concerts. I was so upset that I missed the album release party of Ivan & Alyosha a couple years ago (as I discovered them literally a week after the show) so I was super excited to be able to attend their second album’s release show. And it did not disappoint. I won’t go into a full review but suffice it to say, I much prefer them live to their recorded sound, which is always a wonderful surprise!

I was invited to see Stromae with a friend of mine and when she asked I said “who?”. I had no clue who he was, but I’m never one to turn down a show, so I listened to his albums before the show (which didn’t help a whole lot since he sings in French) but found his style to be incredibly intriguing even if I didn’t know what he was saying. I watched a couple interviews with him in English and couldn’t help falling in love. He has such depth. Seeing him live was so much more than I bargained for!

I also got to see two up-and-coming acts in a small, intimate show at the Showbox SODO lounge. Seinabo Sey and James Davis were….spectacular.

Duke Evers is a local two-man band that I was invited to see with a friend of mine and while the venue was beyond sub-par, the show was still really amazing. There is no question that the biggest reason they’re able to be that good as a two-person band is because of that amazing drummer. Wow, is really all I can say.

As far as dance, I did take my hip-hop class and while I enjoyed it, I missed a class when I was in Austin and never went back, so I made it about 2/3 of the way through. It wasn’t exactly the style I enjoyed and I just kind of lost my excitement. Since then, I haven’t danced at all, but it’s ok. I’ve had a lot of other really great things going on, so I’m not sweating it.

I think that pretty much covers everything in Q2. It was really an amazing 3 months and it astounds me every time I walk past my white board in the hall that the list in each quarter gets progressively longer as I move along through the year. Having the details right in front of me every day really forces me to be intentional about what I’m doing and I really, really love that. Best idea ever!


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