So, I cut my hair (and other random things)

Per usual, I’ve fallen off the face of the earth cyberland the past few months. Where to even start?

I’ll start with the big news of cutting my hair. I’ve been letting it grow out since chemo and because of that, I haven’t wanted to chop it off because, well frankly, that’s the first hair that grew back after that awful summer. It was a symbol to me of getting my life back. And thus, it became a cloak of sorts for me. Plus, it was really pretty and curly. It was all natural, no hair color. But, this summer has proven to me that super long hair just doesn’t work for me. I’ve worn it up the majority of the days and it’s so thick that it gives me a headache when I wear it up for long periods of time. So, I decided it was time for a change. It was time for me to throw off this cloak of safety and embrace a lighter approach.


Voila! Zero regrets! I am loving the new look, feeling lighter and the overall sophistication I feel versus a massive weight of hair piled on top of my head.

My summer has really been an incredible time. I went to Paris in June (so amazing!), I’m getting ready for my two last trips of this year in the fall, and of course, seeing a bunch of concerts in between.

My life is so full and every now and again I have to take a pause and reflect on that because it truly overwhelms me. I feel so very fortunate to live in this beautiful city, have incredible friends, a job that is stable and very good to me, and all the resources to invest in things that I am most passionate about. And while I wish I could just quit my job and tour the world, I don’t know that I’m necessarily cut out for that, so I have to trust that where I am is where I need to be.

I know I still need to get my Q2 recap out and it’s in progress, but I needed to just ramble on a bit about how happy I am. I’ve seen 4 great concerts this month, I’m finalizing my plans for Atlanta (coming up at the end of September) and have now booked flights and a place to stay in Puerto Rico with my gay bestie. And on top of all of that, BFF and I are starting to really solidify our plans for traveling next July (hint: it’s going to be EPIC!).

Every moment I’ve lived over this past year has just been incredible, not always perfect, sometimes downright hard and shitty, but overall I have nothing, absolutely nothing to complain about. And I am trying to remind myself at every turn, with every ticket booked, with every song performed, with every random drink or dinner with a friend, to relish in those moments. To take a breath and be grateful.


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