So, I joined a gym….again……again

I know, I know. Again?! Hey, gotta keep trying until you find something that fits, right? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?

Joined my first CrossFit gym in 2012 when I was done with treatments and in remission. I loved the workouts but really disliked the community and trainers. #fail

Joined my second CrossFit gym in 2013 when I was ready to give it another go. Loved the trainers, but couldn’t quite fit in with the community and well, the community is really the part that’s going to keep me coming back. I’ll always go somewhere if it’s to hang out with people I like! That, combined with the cost (Eeek!) was enough for me to pull the plug.

Joined 24hr Fitness right after quitting CrossFit because two friends of mine were already members, so built-in community right there. That lasted for a few months before life happened and things shifted and the three of us ended up on different schedules which made coordinating a pain in the ass. No accountability, no friends to workout with, no going to the gym. After two months of paying for a membership that I was barely using, I said “eff this.” and quit. I figured I could save myself the $50 and just workout at home.

Guess what? Working out at home sucks. You definitely can’t get any more “convenient” in regards to location, but I had a motivation problem. I also had a “no barbel” problem. Guys, I can only do so many rounds of yoga, Zumba, and basic bodyweight movements before I’m bored out of my mind. I tried taking some long walks a few times a week, and that was nice, except that Ginger would poop out on me before we were done, turning my “workout” into a casual stroll. *insert side-eye here*

So, I needed another change, so I decided to check out my neighborhood gym (which I had looked into before and got the complete car salesmen type approach). I explained my previous negative experience and they assured me that that guy was no longer working there and they were happy to go at my pace. I went in, met with someone, filled out the paperwork and here I am. A member of another gym. Is it perfect? No. They only have one rack for a barbel and it’s hard to find a time when some meat-head isn’t hogging it, but nothing is perfect. It has all the basic things I need and want. I get to meet with a trainer once a month to review my goals, and everyone who works there is super friendly. Combined with the fact that it’s two blocks (TWO BLOCKS) from my apartment, it was a win-win for me. Now, the kicker is that I signed a one-year commitment, so I am stuck here for a year. Luckily, that coincided with my one year lease I just signed, so that was nice timing on my part.

I also like that this membership has a “guaranteed results” clause which means that I agree to workout 12 times a month, and they agree to ensure I get to my goals. Now, I’m not going to hold them accountable if I eat cake every day and don’t see myself losing weight. I know what I am responsible for, but having that “get here 12 times a month” thing is actually really helpful for me without being too “I’M TELLING YOU TO DO THIS”. I keep a countdown on my whiteboard each time I go, so I know exactly where I am. If I slack one week, I’m going to have to make up for it the next (like I’m doing this week…..) because I want to prove to myself that I can hold up my side of the bargain. Going into this membership, my goals actually weren’t numbers based. I don’t have a specific weight I’m moving towards, I don’t have a certain fat percentage I want to drop. I just want to build a habit of consistency and feel proud that I’m doing something to take care of myself. That’s it.

Another reason it felt like it was time was because I spent so much of the first half of this year learning about food. Between doing another Whole30, grocery shopping weekly with my BFF, establishing Sundays as my “food prep” days, and overall just learning to appreciate the mindset of eating well, I created some really good habits for myself regarding food. Do I still eat super healthy all the time? No. And I’ll be honest, summer has been a bit of a free-for-all, but, I know exactly what I need to do to get right back in a good place with food and that is major progress. I don’t feel like I have a constant battle. I own the choices I’m making and understand how they make me feel and recognize the things I can do to get back into a healthy pattern.

So, yes, I have joined yet another gym. But, I feel like it’s different this time. Much like after years of diets and two Whole30’s and learning about Paleo, I finally feel like my relationship with food is different. Tackling one area at a time has been the most beneficial approach I have ever used.

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