What is happening to Seattle?

*warning, this is a bit of a rant*

So, I live in Seattle (duh), and have for 11 years now. I love this city. I love all the options it provides: mountains, ocean, urban, rustic, hipster, dive, trendy, casual, etc. I have lived in the same area of Seattle for for the past 9 years in a couple different apartments. As you can tell, I hate moving. Plus, if it works, why change?

But over this past year, there have been some distinct happenings in this city that has me questioning if I’m going to continue living here or move out to a smaller town north or south. I’ve always said I would live in this Seattle until I died but the cost of living is becoming ridiculous and the rules enforced are starting to boarder on insane.

Should I blame Amazon for all these changes? Nah, probably not entirely, but there is something to be said about the cross-over of these large corporations basing their hubs here in the and how it’s driving out long-term, loyal and caring residents. I really want to blame the property management companies because it’s due to their greedy asses that these changes are being made, but ultimately, it’s really the owner’s fault. They’re the ones allowing these companies to control their investment and ultimately drive out good tenets who have taken good care of their units, not caused any problems, paid their rent on time always, and contribute to their community. But, these companies would rather turn that apartment over every year so they can increase that rent to prices that the average full-time employed person can’t pay. It’s insanity.

On top of that, now more restrictions are surfacing. Remember that BBQ you moved in with? Guess what, you can’t use it anymore. Grrrr! I won’t list all my grievances here because it’ll just make me angry all over again, but it just makes me sit back and think “what do I want?”. The pros and cons are both valid and weighted and it’s going to be a really hard decision for me to make when my lease is up next year.

As a single woman with a dog, living in the city is so convenient. I’m close to everything, can easily take a bus or catch an uber somewhere, get home to take care of Ginger before heading out to a night of fun. Several of my friends live close so it’s easy to hang out. Life in the city is wonderful and I would love nothing more than to have a stable living situation (sans property management bullshit), where I wasn’t paying an arm and a leg for rent and my landlord valued my tenancy. But alas, that is REALLY hard to find. So then, what are the other options?

Well, my friend, they’re……not horrible, but quite a change. I’d be a good 10-20 miles outside of the city, requiring longer commuting and practically stripping the option of happy hours and quick meet-ups after work because…..responsibility. There’s also this fear of feeling completely alone way out in the middle of nowhere, because while I do have friends who live outside of the city, most of them are paired with a significant other or some form of their own responsibility. Now, maybe a way to alleviate that is to get a roommate? Possibly, but then you have to find someone else who’s totally bitter with the way things are going and willing to live so far away. That…isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Surprisingly, it seems that most people are willing to pay the larger prices to stay close to the city (which is what these landlords and property management companies are banking on – bastards). But, I don’t! I want to still have disposable income to travel and do all the things that I love and enjoy. Those things are way more important to me than a fancy new building (with NO washer/dryer and NO BBQ!).

Ugh. All in all, I have no idea what I’m going to do next summer when I’m actually forced to decide. There’s so much to think about, so much to consider. Sometimes, I really hate adulting. This would be a good time to have someone else to share the load.

*end rant…..for now.*


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