2015 The Experience – Q3 Recap

I feel like I start every recap post with this but, but, HOLY CRAP WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!?! I cannot believe Q3 is over. I can’t believe I’m 3 months away from ending 2015. I can’t believe all the amazing things I’ve accomplished this year. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime!

While I’ve really tried to focus on all four of my objectives each quarter, it seems like one generally stands out more than the others and Q3 was no different as music became the clear front-runner. In fact, my writing was nearly non-existent, no dance classes taken, and only a day adventure taken. But, my oh my, did I see concerts! CONCERTS GALORE!

Beginning in August, I kicked off my “summer concert series” with a blues show in Tacoma by Poppa Chubby. I went with my dear friend who I always see my blues shows with and of course, we had just a lovely time. With a simple, 3-piece band, I was blown away with complexity and precision of the bassist and drummer to be able to carry a full band sound when Poppa would go off on a lead guitar riff.

Next up was Alabama Shakes. I can’t even with Brittany. That woman is INCREDIBLE! When listening to their albums, I’ve often thought “wow, what a voice. I wonder what kind of production techniques they used on her.” Guess what? They didn’t use shit! That is literally just the amazingness of her voice. It’s angelic and gritty, high and low. It surpasses all of your expectations and leaves you holding yourself in a state of euphoria. They are truly a live band. They come alive and they make magic all over that stage. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone who is mildly interested in their music. You will NOT be disappointed.

The very next night, I headed back out to the same park for Of Monsters and Men. Their new album is definitely rated my #1 album of 2015 and I was so excited to see them live. The energy present for that show was amazing and left me weak in all of my feels. They were engaging, humble, real and brilliant. They played every song, except one, that I wanted to hear and definitely solidified my status as a fan for life. I was lucky to see this show with my BFF adding a very special element to the experience.

Honestly, I can’t remember when in my music timeline I saw Benjamin Booker, but he was somewhere in the month of July. I discovered him earlier in year via Spotify and was immediately intrigued by his sound and voice. He played a small venue here in the city and I was happy I gave up going to bed early on a Thursday. Even though I think he was a bit drunk by the end, he still put on a hell of a show, giving his entire all into the performance.

Miguel closed out my August shows and I can definitely say while his performance was truly amazing, the bonus eye-candy was just a joy! He performed nearly the whole concert shirtless (or nearly) and with 6-pack abs, I sure as hell was not complaining! Aside from his beautiful physique, I was also happy to learn his voice is just as incredible live as it is on his album. I was also happy to discover him as a gracious and humble performer, thanking his audience and sharing life stories with us. I always love learning more in depth information about my artists.

September kicked off with Bumbershoot, and it was my first (and probably only) time going. I had a large list of bands that I wanted to see and I got to see a pretty decent amount, but the torrential downpour of rain the first day left us freezing and exhausted by the Weeknd’s performance which really upset me because he was who I was most excited to see. I saw about 4 songs before we called it quits go home and get warm. I’m not going to list all the bands I saw here because it would just take too long, but I discovered some great new artists, and saw performances that blew my mind. You can check out the Beats & Belles site for more information. (ok, no I don’t have the article posted yet, but I hope to get it done soon!)

My final show of Q3 was the Foo Fighters and Gary Clark, Jr. Let us stop and pray for a moment. I actually wasn’t a Foo fan until the In Your Honor album came out in 2005 which happened to be in the first year of my move to Seattle. It played a major role in my new friendships, in adjusting to a new home, and overall a path of self-discovery. Since then, I’ve wanted to see them live. This year, I finally got my chance and it was everything. They will go down in my book as hands down one of my most favorite performances of my life. Gary Clark, Jr. was also an amazing performer and he’s coming back to Seattle next year…I may have to go see him again.

And there you have it. All the shows, artists and experiences. When I step back and think about them all, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that I am able to do so many things that I love. My life is truly full.

As for my little trip, my friends took me away for the day for my birthday and we went up to Leavenworth, which is a Bavarian-inspired town a couple hours outside of the city. We floated a river (which I’ve never done because I’ve been too scared), ate German food, listened to a couple local bands, had drinks and lots of laughs. It was a beautiful way to grow a year older with the people I love.

As Q3 came to a close, I couldn’t help but begin to start thinking about 2016. This year has been full of so many different things, and while there has most definitely been struggles, overall, it’s been a positive trajectory. I see so much growth and change in myself. I can see small changes and better habit building, I trust my decisions more and own my choices. My relationships are flourishing and I’m learning how to develop new friendships in an intentional way. I’m really, really proud of myself. I expect great things from Q4 and just know that I’ll end my year on a positive note, ready and willing to tackle 2016!

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