Nanowrimo 2015

Oh boy, here comes a writing challenge! My dear cousin introduced me to the National Novel Writing Month organization and informed me that she wanted to participate which prompted me to look into the details. I haven’t done much writing this summer/fall, so I thought this was the perfect challenge to end my year on an upswing of writing.

Now, I’ve never planned on writing a novel, and I’m not sure that that is really my goal for this project, but it gives me a direction, a plan, a goal, a benchmark. When I sat down to think about writing this next month, what popped into my mind was my travels this year. I’ve had 4 (almost 5) amazing trips and I haven’t really written about any of them. I have so much stored in my head, so much I’ve learned and I just need to get it down on “paper”.

So, here it goes: In November I’m committing to a 7 chapter “novel”. I’ll have an intro chapter, a chapter on all 5 trips, and a finale. Will I hit 50,000 words? Unsure. But, I’m going to write and type until I’ve fully expended myself.

Here goes…..

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