Overdosed on you

It’s the details
You overwhelm all of my senses
Touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell

The way you stand
Propped up against the wall
The bend in one knee

Your confidence pulses
Through the ease of leaning
The quiet strength
Shown in unassuming ways

It could be the way you slowly smile
The way you drape your arm lazily around me
The way you can exude confidence without cockiness

Your connection to your emotions is beautiful
The way you command without control
The way you can evoke sensuality
Your commitment to excellence

The joy on your face when you’re in your passion
The exuberance of life dancing in your eyes
The way you look directly at me, compelling me with seduction

Your hands, your long slender fingers
The way they touch and caress me
They go beyond physical, taking me to a place of ecstasy

The nuances that only belong to you
They excite me
They titillate me
They bring me pleasure beyond imagination

I could lose myself in the darkness of your eyes
The way they drink me in
Their reaction to your emotions
Telling me more in a look than words ever could

Your body leaned back
Stretched out in comfort
With arms raised up in strength and ease

Your voice coats me in love
It brings me comfort and peace
The depths of your chords
Speaking directly to me

Everything that you are I love
With flaws, with imperfections
Bathe me in your scent
And let me overdose on you





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