Celebrating consistency 

When I go back and read through posts about my workout routines and dieting, I see a girl struggling so hard to find some sort of balance in life and love of her body. I can sense the excitement and hope in early posts, the plans for shopping for size 6 jeans, and every man’s head turning when she walks in the room. I can smell the desire for the “cool kids” at the gym to know and accept her and for that community to become hers. And then I see the posts becoming fewer and fewer, her frustration, self-loathing and laziness getting the better of her drive, determination and hope and then fizzling out until the next season comes along.I hate the word habit because it carries such a negative connotation to me. Consistency is easier for me to approach. Consistency really is key in all areas of life. There are so many people (including myself) who can do something once or twice, who can seem like the greatest friend, or the most adventurous person, or whatever, and then fizzle right back out. But continuing to show up for yourself, or for the people who you are in relationships with is key and not only for their benefit, but for your own too. Consistency builds endurance, patience, growth, development, strength of character.

When I decided to join the CrossFit gym here, it was a combination reason. I wanted to feel good about my body, not so much in a “I lost 50lbs” way, but in a “I know that I’m doing something consistently that is good for my body and keeps it healthy”. I also was hoping that this could be a place where I meet people since I’m still looking for friends in my new home. It was a blessing to know that I can afford this membership now and would not be stressed each month knowing how much I’m spending on it. The location of the gym is perfect for me whether I’m going straight after work, or from my house. Essentially, a lot of positives.

I decided to start with the 2x/week membership in an effort to build consistency. I’ve always been a person who dives straight into the deep-end with most endeavors. And then, sometimes, I crash and burn. Something I learned from my ClassPass membership in Seattle, was that it was better for me to have small goals at first. Those small goals were attainable, and once I met them, I felt really proud of myself. Additionally, as I slowly integrated myself into those classes, I felt more comfortable coming more often. I took the same approach here. Over the past six weeks that I’ve been a member, my consistency is growing. Here’s how it’s played out thus far:

· Week 1: one class

· Week 2: zero class (horribly sick)

· Week 3: two classes

· Week 4: one class

· Week 5: two classes

· Week 6: two classes

It feels good to see consistency in simply showing up, even if it’s just once that week. Two classes feels doable and manageable to me. My body has time to recover, I have time to get other things done in the week like cooking or laundry. And it’s slowly letting me acclimate to the community at my new box. Before I’ll allow myself to move to the next membership level (3x/week), I want to be consistent for at least one month in my 2x/week attendance, maybe two months, I haven’t quite decided yet.

Every time I go, I meet a couple new people. I have a little more conversation, and I feel a little bit more comfortable in the foreign space. Additionally, each time I go, I feel my body do just a little bit more than the previous time. For example, my second full workout included burpees and they were a complete struggle. Three weeks later, last week’s workout had burpees and while I wasn’t flying through them like a champ, I was doing better than three weeks ago. It felt incredible. The encouragement, and comradery at my new box is quite extraordinary. The music is loud, there’s always someone yelling to keep moving, that we got this. There are hi-five’s and fist bumps after the WOD from nearly everyone you pass. The coaches are watching everyone and they’ve been great at giving me feedback after movements. It makes me feel good that I can be on my own but also being watched and guarded to ensure I’m not harming myself. I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end, even when I didn’t do the prescribed workout. I did what my body could do, and the guy next to me did what his body could do. And we’re all winners in that scenario. What is better than that?

The thing about CrossFit and my body, is that it works well together. My body doesn’t change much with a lot of cardio, but neither does much happen with a lot of weight training. The combo of weight training fast seems to do the trick for me. I was on my IG last night looking at the pics of myself after my last whole30, when I had been CrossFitting for a few months, and I was in damn good shape. I remember getting to a place where I could actually do a couple banded pull-ups and that was huge! I had never in my life accomplished that. I want to get back there.

I guess I’m just high on the box right now, and that’s good. I hope I continue to keep showing up for myself plant deep roots there.

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