Finally, it’s not January

I’m so happy it’s February. I swear, January was a real downer. For reasons that I’m still unsure of. It just felt like a mini-long year of hell, without actual ordeals. So, I’ll list the happy things about the month, and then I’ll just let it go and move on into the beautiful (cold) month of February!

  • I was able to visit my friends in Milwaukee for a weekend (despite driving through a horrific winter storm – Indiana is dead to me)
  • Booked a trip to Napa to hang with one of my besties
  • Bought flights to Berlin on a whim after drinking a lot of wine and seeing prices dip incredibly low (seriously, I got a STUPID good deal).
  • Had several (too many) come-to-Jesus moments with myself on many topics and I cannot even go into details right now because it’s after midnight and I need to go to bed.
  • Recognized that in order to make a new life here, I can’t let my old life dictate all my time. #harshreality
  • Hung out with some wonderful people in Detroit and realized I am truly where I need to be
  • Finalized some plans for the Philadelphia trip in February with BFF
  • Read a pretty depressing but intriguing book on loneliness and then started on a fiction book.
  • Had tacos for dinner three weeks in a row (send help…or guacamole)
  • Praised myself for shutting down all online dating profiles
  • Re-opened one online dating profile in a moment of weakness. #ihaveissues
  • Filed taxes
  • Remembered that life is short and I don’t want to waste it

Good night and welcome to February!

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